Success Story: RMG tops 50 million dollars of resort real estate in Michigan

The economic picture wasn’t pretty in Michigan at the time.

Unemployment on the increase. Auto industry getting clobbered. Consumer confidence heading south.

End Result:

More than 50 million in resort real estate revenue and more than 1.5 in dues collected annually.

RMG had an extremely successful run in Michigan at two different resort communities: Garland Resort and St. Ives-Tullymore.

Michigan is the country’s third largest golf market and boast numerous golf related consumer events that provide a nice forum for interacting with potential customers. Using that base along with

our systematic marketing approach, we were able to provide more than 5,000 real estate presentations to our clients and created more than 1,000 sales for these two clients.

Our success was noted throughout the Midwest and showcased particularly in the Detroit Market as one of the few hospitality-resort businesses thriving in a down-ridden economic market.

Using RMG’s methods-we positioned the product to the consumer’s standpoint and then built a strong sales team around the product with a goal of being the best in the market place.

We feel we accomplished that.

Let’s see if we can do the same for your resort property. Call us at 1-866-454-6711.

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