Vacation Real Estate 2.0

Developers building golf communities or other type of resort properties often have hundreds if not thousands of units to sale over the life of the sales cycle for a particular project.  Concurrently, the internet has become a powerful method of showcasing properties for sale by the developer and obviously a great resource in aiding sales.

However, when does it become detrimental to show too many properties for sale?

Just the other day I was browsing properties and came across a mid-Atlantic golf community that listed more than 300 home sites for sale by the developer!

Each listing had the price, a non-descript picture and a contact button for more information.

If you are the customer, how do you choose from 300 possibilities? Can the developer even sell those 300 lots? What if I need to sell my piece of property in a few years? Will there still be 300 lots listed then?

All valid questions by the customer.

In today’s market…. less is more.

It’s hard enough for customers to sort through different communities and resort real estate options. When your marketing does reach them make sure they are getting the message and call to action that your sales team desires.

Simple Rule:

• All houses go on the MLS or another listing platform

• Fractionals and Home Sites should be showcased, like an appetizer,  with the rest of the menu offered by a trained sales specialist.

For more information on how RMG can earn your resort community more revenue in 2010 and beyond give us a call toll free at 1-866-454-6711.

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