RMG kicks off New Mexico Golf Resort with 4 Million dollars in new Lot Sales

When RMG arrived last spring at this rural resort golf community in south central New Mexico property sales had dwindled to a halt.

No sales in more than 7 months.

However, the developers at Turtleback Mountain Resort felt they had a great product with superb amenities in a desirable location.

RMG agreed.

The challenge was to create demand in stagnant economy where vacation properties have fallen off the priority ladder for today’s consumer.

Like all new clients, RMG devised a new system for the developer’s real estate products.

Changed the product to align with today’s consumer. Brought in new sales personnel and trained existing ones. Overhauled the marketing directive.

The result:

$4.1 million dollars in lot sales in 10 months. And its only going higher.

“We did this without dropping prices. That’s the best part for the developer,” said Bryan Woodward of RMG.  “They had a product that wasn’t selling and we were able to bring in substantially more traffic with a new product positioned for today’s consumer.”

“The results speak for themselves.”

For more information on how RMG can help your development’s sales and marketing initiatives call us toll free at 1-866-454-6711.

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