RMG Launches ‘Weekend in the City’ campaign to boost Urban Condo Sales

Beautiful finished condominium developments sit virtually empty in many urban markets throughout the United States.

Showcasing great amenities and beautiful downtown city views, these are tremendous projects lacking the necessary foot traffic to drive sales for the developer.

Until now.

RMG, a leader in resort development sales and marketing, has launched its ‘Weekend in the City’ campaign to increase traffic at urban condominium developments throughout the United States.

Through this program, developers now have the opportunity to partner with RMG’s marketing and sales expertise to create a consumer traffic campaign that will drive new revenue and new sales for condo developers struggling in today’s oversupplied real estate market.

Through the innovative ‘Weekend in the City’ immerson program, RMG will create a customized getaway package for couples that are interested in a new urban condominium.

The package will inclue:

• Overnight stay at the Developer’s project

• Use of pool and other amenities at the Development

• Dinner for two at area restaurant

• Spa Treatment or other amenity experience

• Tickets to local cultural events

• 90-minute sales presentation by one of RMG’s trained immersion sales personnel

In addition RMG will provide:

• Sales training and sales program installation for this direct sales and marketing lifestyle campaign

• Staging for the units selected for the ‘Weekend in the City’ Packages

• Consumer traffic for the sales agents to boost sales

• All creative and support collateral needed to implement the immersion campaign

It’s an all inclusive sales and marketing campaign.

Each ‘Weekend in the City Package’ is customized for each development’s particular market.

“What a consumer would want to experience in South Beach is completely different than what they would value in Dallas,” says Bryan Woodward with RMG. “This program is a win-win for the developer and the consumer.”

Under this program, each couple actually pays for the package while decreasing the developer’s dependency to co-broke sales with outside buying agents.

“Buyers that experience this program most often don’t have buying agents,” said Mr. Woodward. “That’s a big saving to a developer over the course of a sales cycle.”

“We’ve had years where we had 1400 couples a year looking at resort properties in pretty challenging second-home markets,” Woodward said. “Now we can take this same concept and unveil great primary condominium properties right here in everyone’s back yard.”

It’s time for developer’s to stop being dependent on listing agents and an over saturated MLS. There’s a better way.

Let’s talk strategy at 1-866-454-6711.

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