Why Your Development Should be Increasing Sales in 2012

Everyone has excuses in our industry.

The economy.

Yes, It’s tough out there and we all know it.


Yes it’s harder to approve transactions from willing buyers, but its being done.


Yes, there are fewer customers interested in buying second home or vacation properties.

However, we believe our industry is starting to bounce back for those developers who are repositioning their products to align with the consumer shift that has transpired over the last 36 months.

In New Mexico we just finished selling more golf real estate (41 lots sold) and golf revenue for our client since they opened in 2005 and we are anticipating much better results by the end of this year.

Yes it’s harder than it was before and yes there are more road blocks in the way. But we are making money for developers and we want to make more real estate revenue for you as well starting today.

Here’s a couple of tips:

• Stop listing your products with local listing agents (who have hundreds of listings) and hire sales people that can and will only work for you and for your product exclusively. (You wouldn’t want  your BMW sales person showing your potential customer a Mercedes now would you?)

• Use the web as an appetizer of your community and let your sales and marketing team provide the menu (Is your customer making a buying decision at home on the web or on your property?)

• Traffic, Traffic and more traffic. Are you getting enough customers to your product?

• When they are there are you asking customers to buy?

• Create a systemized marketing and sales plan that tracks performance and can be improved upon quarter after quarter and year after year

• Have you modified your real estate product for 2010 or are you selling the same product that was offered in 2007? Memberships and ownership options have changed in the mind of the consumer. Your golf community or vacation property needs to position its product in line with today’s consumer mindset.

These steps are just some of the critical components necessary to generate revenue back in your favor for this year and beyond.

Give us a call. We live, eat and breath resort and golf real estate and let our experience help you get back on track to earning real revenue and profit for 2010 and beyond.


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