Money saving tip

6.25 inches x 11 inches

That’s the largest size flat piece you can still affix a .44 cent stamp and send it out via first class mail.

If you want to save money and like sending out direct mail (like we do for our clients) then this size may be the perfect fit for you.

We actually achieve this size of mail after folding it twice in half. The original size was 12.5 x 22 inches.

That’s one big newsletter-but after the design, print and folding you can reduced it down to a size that’s still worthy of a 44 cent stamp.

This size piece feels good in the hand. It’s thick enough to stand on its own in the mail and with the right message will work wonders at

• Trade Show and Resort Events

• Sales Offices

• Direct Mail

It’s really a 3-for-1 and its saves you a bunch of money.

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